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Recipe website experienced a record year in 2018, attracting more users than ever before. It achieved this milestone by using infographics, videos and guides, to increase short, shareable content, coupled with editorial focusing on vertical sectors including health, family, travel and reviews. It also invested further in SEO, encouraged user interaction, targeted growth in both programmatic advertising and direct display revenue and developed key commercial partnerships.

By rolling out structured data out across all its recipe collections in mid-2018, boosted visibility in mobile search pages, which also contributed to growth in traffic. The editorial team focused on which keywords to apply across titles and headings, while content to fill the site’s biggest search gaps was commissioned up to two months in advance of seasonal relevance, helping to boost search rankings. As well as attracting a growing number of social media influencers, food experts such as John Torode, Tom Kerridge, Nadiya Hussein, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood have acknowledged the site’s reputation.

By December 2018, digital advertising revenue saw a significant year on year increase, while

non-advertising revenues, such as e-commerce and affiliates, also saw massive growth. Overall revenue and profits also increased year-on-year, significantly outperforming the market in a very competitive landscape.






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Approaching its 30th year, BBC Good Food has cemented its position as Britain’s no1 food media brand. is the UK’s biggest food site. 2018 has been a challenging year for the digital publishing industry but we have seen fantastic growth. In December we delivered 86m page views globally to 26m users, +27% YOY. This was married with our best ever UK digital ad sales, meaning we’re forecasting full year revenue performance of +25% YOY.

In 2018 we achieved our goal of 1m registered ‘My Good Food’ users, 100% up YOY; launched our multi-award winning native app, and forged a strategic partnership with Amazon, launching Immediate’s first custom voice skill and ensuring that our content is the default result for recipe queries.

In 2018, we adapted to reflect our audience’s desire to embrace the whole world of food. Original recipes are our lifeblood but we also tap into our readers’ thirst for new skills, information about health, knowledge about international cuisines, advice on where to dine out, and feature top columnists reflecting the ever-changing culture around food.

We’ve made bold changes and it’s been an incredibly exciting year. This heritage brand is not just embracing, but making, the future.

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