Crossing Divides



A week of stories on BBC News about creating connections in a fragmented world.

We are frequently bombarded with news stories which feature tension, aggression and even conflict between different religious groups and races, the haves and the have nots, the young and the old, insiders and outsiders. Both in the UK and across the world it seems that our world is becoming more fragmented and intolerance is growing.

Crossing Divides showcased innovative solutions from across the world and across the UK to inspire audiences to engage with people of different backgrounds and beliefs, of different races, faiths, politics and generation. We used our most high profile TV shows like the Six and Ten O Clock News, and radio shows like The Today Programme and Newshour, as well as creating a pioneering interactive comic which gave users the opportunity to talk to a virtual stranger with opposite beliefs, on subjects from gun control to immigration.

Our audiences loved these stories, with over 5 million page views of the stories on our own website and over 300,000 comments, shares and likes. Our story about two former Indonesian child soldiers, one Christian, one Muslim, who had killed and mutilated but were now working together for peace on their island, had a massive impact throughout Indonesia making the two men nationwide peace heroes. The story on YouTube attracted 1.8 million views.

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