Davina Barker, Sales Director, Digital Cinema Media

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Davina Barker, sales director

Digital Cinema Media

Davina Barker is Digital Cinema Media’s (DCM) sales director, responsible for overseeing the company’s commercial team, the largest in the company.

In 2018, she led the team to expand DCM Studios, DCM’s innovations and creative division, to offer bespoke onscreen content creation, experiential and partnership campaigns. Working with brands including Natwest, Grey Goose, Max Factor and Fiat, Barker’s team has demonstrated how cinema can deliver pivotal rather than just incremental coverage for brands. She also expanded the team alongside a new regional sales director, taking over regional sales from a third-party in 2018.

Barker achievements also include improving the process of planning and buying cinema by investing in a full loop planning, booking, scheduling and invoicing system. Over the last year, her team has also explored new revenue streams to deliver bigger impacts for brand campaigns, capitalising on the latest cinema technology including personalised end frames, Dolby Atmos and 4DX.

Barker has also been instrumental in nurturing industry relationships to keep cinema front of mind among key influencers and advertisers. And to support mental health awareness, Barker implemented one-to-one coaching sessions for employees across all levels, which had previously only been available to leaders in the business.



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Davina Barker is Digital Cinema Media’s (DCM) critically acclaimed Sales Director, responsible for overseeing the company’s Commercial team, raising the profile of the medium, evolving the commercial strategy and expanding the team over the last year to generate new and incremental revenues.

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