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Google UK & Immediate Media



Delivering digital transformation

Google UK & Immediate Media

Immediate Media has worked with Google for a number of years on its ad technology needs. In 2018, it wanted Google to help deliver a better, more efficient set up to help reduce complexity, improve efficiency and deliver substantial growth in programmatic revenue. It also wanted to drive revenue from new sources in 2018, such as exchange bidding, programmatic guaranteed, outstream and native.

A range of steps were undertaken. Google delivered a programmatic guaranteed sales workshop for the Immediate sales team, sharing market insights and helping the team to understand the contribution of different demand sources/advertisers and formats. Google and Immediate looked at unlocking new growth from native demand sources and adopted Google’s new outstream feature, testing the feature across multiple transaction types.

Levels of efficiency were also tested client-side and server-side, and quality was increased by auditing the third parties working with Immediate, consolidating to gain more overall

control of inventory.

Revenue growth far outpaced the industry average and Immediate achieved all of

its quality goals, with noticeably increased client satisfaction and growing interest in programmatic deals. In addition to pre-existing programmatic revenue streams that were fully optimised, programmatic guaranteed, native and outstream each contributed to further business growth.



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We approached our partnership from the bottom up, with shared goals, regular meetings and constant dialogue. Starting at the beginning of 2018, we mapped out what we wanted to achieve and the steps we would take to get there. Everyone working on the business, at both companies, knew exactly what we were trying to do and placed these objectives ahead of any other priority.

As a result we were able to confidently approach and test new opportunities to develop and transform Immediate’s Advertising Technology stack and grow digital programmatic advertising revenue exponentially in 2018.

By the end of the year we had surpassed all of our initial objectives, delivering:
42% revenue growth
70%+ average viewability
Reduction in number of tech partners, bringing about improved operational efficiency and reduced complexity, together with reduction in latency

We’re currently working on a new set of shared goals which will form the basis for our continued partnership in 2019, and are excited about the new opportunities that this brings. This would not have been possible without all of the hard work completed in 2018.

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