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Dennis Publishing Direct Marketing Team

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Dennis Publishing introduced a new marketing automation platform, launched and acquired multiple magazines, implemented 12 price rises, and re-consented all data under GDPR. It also dealt with the ongoing impact of a subscription bureau migration.

The marketing team led the GDPR compliance project, dealing with a new fulfilment system and database, alongside the new automation platform, which resulted in a 3% opt-out.

In 2018, the team also launched an awareness, acquisition and retargeting funnel through social, with different messaging based on customers’ stage in the funnel. Within six months this strategy had generated 2,454 subscriptions across nine brands; a year on, social is established as a channel in its own right.

For The Week publication, the team turned to TV to run above-the-line marketing combined with a cross-channel campaign to create a ‘digital net’ to catch those who did not convert directly after viewing the advert.

For a price rise test campaign, the team implemented behavioural science triggers and targeted messages to segments based on loyalty and tenure, resulting in significant price increases having less than a two per cent impact on renewal rates.

Acquisitions include MoneyWeek, while The Week Junior Science+Nature was successfully launched, first as a magbook and then in September as a fully-fledged subscription title.



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The marketing team is the ‘powerhouse’ of Dennis, driving subscriptions that generate over a third of media revenues for the company. Cutting edge and innovative marketing is in the DNA of this passionate and committed team, who take pride in collaborating with departments across the company and delivering first class customer communications both on and offline.

Growing print and digital subscriptions revenue a phenomenal 6.5% year on year under challenging conditions both in the market and operationally, with retention rates increasing and cost per acquisition decreasing, the team’s stand-out performance is central to company success.

Four principles are at the heart of the team’s strategies - to engage our customers and improve loyalty, to excite prospects about our magazines, content and other products, to focus on cutting edge testing and experimentation, and to ensure that the results we deliver are best in class.

The Dennis team doesn’t just work incredibly well together, it’s a real family too - with GBBO sweepstakes, treasure hunts, book clubs and wine tastings. In the last year we’ve had everything thrown at us; GDPR, the company sale, wide scale technical developments and an unprecedented number of price rises. We’ve acquired and launched multiple titles, and really demonstrated the power of print, whether by launching new marketing channels (social; 2,565% YOY) or continued growth of brands such as The Week Junior (64,000 subscribers and counting). This innovative and agile approach has led to our 8th consecutive year of growth in subscriptions revenue. A business record.

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