Driving Electric

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Last year alternatively fueled vehicle sales grew by 35% and a record number of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric cars were registered. This resulted in this segment of car achieving its best-ever annual market share of 4.7%. UK consumers buy more plug-in cars than anywhere else in Europe and demand continues to grow against a backdrop of overall falling car sales.

Dennis decided to act on these market trends and launch DrivingElectric.com to meet the demand of users looking for a destination of authoritative car reviews, video and advice. DrivingElectric.com has built a reputation for clear and concise electrified car reviews. Uniquely for this kind of site, if an EV isn’t right for the reader, we’ll say so.

The website launched with in-depth, paginated reviews of every electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid car and van on sale, 50 advice articles, plus dozens of ‘best car’ features and news articles.

Backed by a robust SEO strategy and a groundbreaking partnership with VW, DrivingElectric is as much about educating motorists about electrified models as it is about helping them select one. Traffic is growing at more than 40% every month, and the site is backed by a huge investment in video content.

DrivingElectric.com launched with a fully integrated campaign from Volkswagen allowing them to position themselves against their competitor set. The campaign has produced excellent results with the client wanting to continue activity across the site.

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