Forbes - European editorial team

Forbes’ European editorial team champions entrepreneurs across the region and drives coverage for Forbes’ global audiences across print, digital and live platforms.

Led by Europe Editor Alex Wood, Forbes’ London-based team of European staff writers produces agenda-setting content and compelling investigative coverage. For example, senior tech writer Parmy Olson has produced some ground-breaking content this year, including an interview with French President Emmanuel Macron about his plans to transform France into a hotbed of entrepreneurship, as well as an exclusive world-first interview with WhatsApp’s founder Brian Acton, who spoke for the first time about why he walked away from Facebook. Similarly, Forbes’ security, surveillance and privacy reporter Thomas Brewster had a great 2018, being the first to report on numerous large-scale hacks and data leaks.

Furthermore, Forbes has an extensive network of contributors across Europe, enabling coverage drawn from a huge and diverse range of focus areas and perspectives. Alex and his editorial team have responsibility for building out this network of freelance reporters and industry thought leaders in Europe, and have overseen its growth from 80 to over 400 over the past year, allowing richer and deeper coverage of the region than ever before, and spotlighting the stories and perspectives that aren’t always seen.

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