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Guardian Documentaries is our project to commission and acquire new documentaries from around the world for the one of the world's most visited platforms, The Guardian's website.

2018 was the most successful year for Guardian Documentaries, and the culmination of over 4 years of building the identity of the strand. The year involved being nominated for an Oscar and shortlisted for a BAFTA short film awards winning other awards, playing many film festivals, reaching significant numbers of viewers, and attracting acclaim for the quality and range of films. On a small budget compared to our competitors, we’ve grown a documentary film strand that’s arguably the best online short form documentary strand in the world and stands as a direct parallel to what Guardian Long Reads represent in our written word.

Our documentaries are 15-30 minutes long and showcase visual and narrative long form excellence and ambition on a par with the best of the Guardian’s long form written feature excellence - a different way of telling deeper, reflective, explanatory and challenging stories. This includes trying new video styles and formats and broadening the audience's experience of our work. Guardian documentaries bring us new forms of storytelling within our journalism with important intelligent contemporary stories rather than pure news films.

Guardian Documentaries focuses on story and character-led films in the widest sense, where we hear direct from communities via access-driven observational documentaries. They are rooted in access to untold and surprising stories, often global ones, made by, and rooted in, communities and experiences we may not have access to.

They also offer high profile awards and recognition including festivals, offering us the reputational and brand benefit of being seen to make gold standard documentaries and to act as a beacon to attract support from our audience, foundations, brands and institutes

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