i is only eight years old but 2018 was its finest year yet as it continued to build on its innovative format as a high-quality, high story-count budget quality newspaper.

Our total daily brand readership grew from 508,000 (Dec 17, PAMCo) to 593,000 (Sep 18, PAMCo), a 17% increase.

Newspaper sales revenue grew by 12% over 2018 while over the course of the year circulation showed a market-beating decline of 8% (Dec 18 circulation 236,339; Dec 17 circulation: 257,221).

In the most recent published figures, for the first half of 2018, i saw a 61% increase in profits over the same period the previous year.

The new iweekend edition was a significant factor in this growth. From the lowest sale of the week, Saturday now attracts i’s highest daily sale, which has been sustained through two recent chunky price rises (60p-80p at launch in Sep 2017; 80p-£1 Sep 2018). During 2018, the average headline ABC for the Saturday (iweekend) sale was 265,607, compared with 263,880 in 2017.

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