The daily newspaper i and its inews.co.uk website, owned by JPIMedia, recorded its best ever performance in 2018, against a backdrop of falling circulation and increased pressure in the digital ad market.

I has increased profitability, recorded exponential growth in its digital audience and grown the year-on-year circulation of iweekend, its weekend edition.

Key to this has been impactful news coverage, stylish comment, striking design and a focus on product innovation.

The newspaper consistently broke agenda-setting stories during 2018, including the revelation that three universities were on the brink of bankruptcy, numerous health scoops and the newspaper’s investigation team’s revelations about the rise in teenage knife crime in January, before it became one of the year’s themes.

In the last year, i has also developed new business with brands including British Airways, Audi, Jaguar and Vauxhall. Increased revenue has enabled the brand to hire more journalists to deliver an increased number of exclusives and drive digital. It has also signed a deal with The Economist to republish some of its articles every week - a UK first.

In 2018 i’s total daily brand readership grew from 508,000 to 593,000, marking a 17% increase.




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An amazing year for i.

Our total daily brand readership grew from 508,000 (Dec 17, PAMCo) to 593,000 (Sep 18, PAMCo), a 17% increase.

Newspaper sales revenue grew by 12% over 2018

Our audience grew digitally by 457% (Comscore, Nov 18).

Year on year digital revenue grew by 218%

iweekend circulation rose from 263,000 to 265,000

Overall circulation showed a market-beating decline of 8% (ABC).

Our most recently published figures show a profit of £1m per month

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