i is the fastest-growing news website in the country: our audience grew by 457% (Comscore, Nov 18) overtaking Huffpo UK while Times, Telegraph and Mail audiences all declined.

Year on year digital revenue grew by 218%, with new business coming from brands such as British Airways, Audi, Jaguar and Vauxhall.

This was boosted by the launch of ecommerce channel ibuys in October.

Our total daily brand readership grew from 508,000 (Dec 17, PAMCo) to 593,000 (Sep 18, PAMCo), a 17% increase.

Our most recently published figures show a profit of £1m per month

Series of exclusives - universities going bankrupt; medical breakthroughs in cancer screening; discovery of injectable antibodies that could reduce heart attacks and strokes and Lily Allen’s revelation that she had been a victim of sexual abuse; scoops on the England team selections during the World Cup.

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