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JOE is dedicated to entertaining, inspiring and informing a nation of young people through its original content and innovative storytelling.

Becoming widely known for its sharp and quick wit, informative journalism, outspoken political musings and unique formats, JOE’s video content team has played a lead role in seeing JOE become one of the most influential social publishers in the UK and Ireland.

In the last year in particular, JOE has pushed the boat out seismically with its video strategy, by diversifying its operations both in terms of format and vertical.

Audience reach is undoubtedly important and JOE now garners a social community of 13 million, our measure of success and how we’ve grown from nothing in less than 4 years is our laser eye focus on original, high quality, highly engaging content that people want to share with their friends.

As well as building its short-form video repertoire, JOE has taken a big step into long-form video production, launching the ‘JOE Presents:’ original series slate. This includes the production of sports and lifestyle related talk shows and mini-documentaries.

2018 saw the launch of a number of new channels for JOE – Politics JOE, Football JOE, Fit JOE, Rugby JOE, MMA JOE – each of which saw our video team growing and diversifying in their skill-sets.

JOE is now producing its most original, entertaining, culturally compelling and ambitious video content to date, garnering higher views and engagement levels than ever, and huge growth on its distribution platforms.

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