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Lauren Hay


Lauren Hay joined digital content producer SevenC3 as a junior integrated designer in 2017, working across social content, social media campaign assets and digital ads.    

She has worked on projects for Vitality, building brand awareness and audience engagement, on subjects spanning health, money, fitness, lifestyle and nutrition. Throughout 2018, she worked as part of a team developing campaigns for Weight Watchers (WW),  to increase member sign-ups and brand visibility. After the launch of WW’s Spring 2018 campaign, assets reached an audience of 56,000 people, with an 88% positive sentiment in relation to engagement.

Hay has also been involved with the ideation process for pitches at SevenC3, stating that . ‘my insight into social media and as one of the younger members of the company give me a unique perspective that offers fresh views on concepts;.

Hay has also undertaken a number of courses with Google’s Analytics Academy and Digital Garage, to improve her understanding of social content creation. She has since put this knowledge into practice, working with social movement groups such as 100 Women I Know and Letters to a Catcaller, both of which focus on changing perspectives, initiating conversations and pushing social standards.



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Joining SevenC3 in 2017 as a junior integrated designer, I have been able to work on a wide range of projects and clients. My current responsibilities regularly include creating social content and editorial designs for consumer clients, such as WW and Vitality.

This entry gives an overview of my work on both the Vitality and WW accounts, the results and benefits that I have garnered for these clients, how I’ve been using my skills for social movements, as well as my direct contribution to winning the agency’s largest account of 2018.

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