MANOR - Regional Editorial Team of the Year

MANOR Publishing


Manor magazine, a 160-page, six-weekly title focusing on the South West, launched in 2015 and has continued to thrive, recording its best performance in 2018, with growth in both turnover and ad yield/issue.

Its strategy from the start has been pinned on delivering the ultimate, quality reader experience – great editorial and photography together with an optimal advertising ratio. Recognising that its readers are educated, worldly, and well travelled, frequently travelling back and forth to the capital and abroad, content reflects the needs and interests of the reader who lives in the region rather than focussing purely on the region in which they live.

Editorial features inspire individuals and initiatives in the South West but also cover restaurants, hotels and arts in London, alongside desirable destinations abroad of interest to the regional reader.

Acute targeting has also been key to the magazine’s success; by building relationships with premium hotels in the region and London as well as key travel operators, the magazine is delivered direct to its readers.

The magazine continues to attract premium brands and discerning influencers, and there are plans to extend the brand across more profitable digital and events platforms.


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