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Over our 25 year history we have lead the way in regional community magazine publishing. In an industry sector that has grown enormously over that time, we have grown from 1 magazine in 1994 to 26 unique editions in 2019. Our distribution, now over 560,000 copies a month, has never decreased and revenues have only increased. Testament that print is not dead and if done well, as we believe we do, it can be successful and cherished by our readers and advertisers alike. Every year we aim to expand and enhance our offering and we feel that our transparent approach finds a welcome place in the towns and communities we reach. We always evolve, aiming to keep the magazine relevant and exciting and by making the community news and events the heartbeat of our content. As a product we bring together communities, in a world where people are engaging less with their neighbours. Hopefully you will see from some of our testimonials how successful that has been. To be rewarded in this category would be a seal of approval from our industry, who understand the role of the regional, community magazine, in a time where many towns and villages don’t have an outlet for their voice.

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