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The Week Junior, launched by Dennis Publishing just over three years ago, aims to inform, entertain and empower young readers. In 2018, it faced a number of challenges - maintaining high editorial standards reporting on complex topics such as Brexit and terrorist attacks and launching a spin-off monthly magazine - Science+Nature, focusing on science and animals. Prior to the launch in September, Dennis Publishing tested the concept with a couple of 100-page magbooks released in the first half of the year.

Producing the two magbooks and later combining a monthly schedule with the existing weekly magazine, meant overcoming further challenges such as sharing resources and having the two products running seamlessly side-by-side. The editorial team was restructured and new appointments made, with some staff working across both titles. Ensuring that the new magazine did not impact the quality of The Week Junior was also paramount.

Alongside the new launch, The Week Junior editorial team created a 100-page annual  published in November, which has so far sold in excess of 10,000 copies, and also devised and hosted workshops at a variety of events and festivals.

Results for 2018 are impressive. The Week Junior was the fastest-growing magazine in the UK with a 26.1% year-on-year circulation increase, and a 36.7% increase in paid-for print subscriptions. In 2018 the magazine also increased revenues significantly.



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The Week Junior is the UK’s fastest-growing magazine. With a market-leading ABC increase of 36.7% paid-for print subscribers year-on-year, and a 26.1% year-on-year total circulation increase (Jan–Dec 2018), this weekly current affairs publication for young people continues to prove that there is a huge appetite for high-quality, factual content, and that print remains important to children.

The magazine’s editorial standards are consistently high. Every page of every issue is thoroughly researched, carefully written and forensically fact-checked. Its well-balanced mix of news stories, ideas and information both reflects the breadth of interests of 8–14-year-olds and engages them with new concepts . The magazine speaks directly to its readers in a clear, calm and unpatronising voice; complex subjects are explained sensitively and objectively, giving children the information they need to make sense of the world they live in and to form their own opinions about it. The pages are packed with eye-catching pictures while the strict design principles that underpin the layouts ensure that they are easy to navigate and accessible to readers of all abilities. It is a magazine that is made to be read (really read, not just looked at).

Since launching in November 2015 The Week Junior has gained tens of thousands of loyal and engaged readers and won awards for its editorial excellence. Last year The Week Junior’s Editor in Chief, Anna Bassi was crowned Editor’s Editor of the Year by her peers at the BSME awards.

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