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The Financial Times’ (FT) commercial marketing team is aligned to the business’ commercial strategy and its overall communications approach.


The team of six, led by global marketing director David Buttle, has met targets and driven value in a number of ways. It has taken on board learnings from patterns of lead generation to improve the lead qualification process, by allowing only high-quality leads to be passed on to the sales team. More importantly the team developed an automated lead nurturing campaign, with the objective of nurturing leads that have been identified as relevant, but not quite ready to convert.


The commercial marketing team has also campaigned for a more trustworthy and transparent digital advertising supply chain. It identified this as a pressing issue at the start of 2017, with the team devising a programme to shine a light on bad practices and make the case for change. Initiatives thus far have included the FT’s commercial charter, written by Buttle, highlighting the issue with speaking opportunities at conferences and drafting and publishing public letters to advertising exchanges found to be offering fraudulent inventory for sale.


In 2018, the team was also instrumental in the creation and launch of the FT Group’s new integrated commercial proposition, FT Marketing Services, which brings together the commercial propositions of the FT, its events arm FT Live and two acquired businesses - Alpha Grid and Longitude.


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